01 this house is clean, baby (this house is clean)

so long, so dark and so untouched
heavy air has got me all banged up
overgrown, the fauna found it’s way

the tangled vines that cover me
a residential blasphemy
in the very core of my safe place

waking up bound to tendrils
with flowers in my hair
feeling their legs on my iris
my motion sprang the trap

waking up to a jungle

02 jungle

a shimmering vibe, I follow
a shimmering vibe,
a shimmering vibe, I follow
into the spring of anything
a glimmering hype, I follow
a glimmering hype,
a glimmering hype, I follow
a golden vibe

the leeches cover me
they macerate my skin
they seem to breed
as, for once, I‘m sleeping in
there is no time

there’s a glade unraveling
a golden Puma, epiphany
stairing right into it’s eyes
I can see that this world shivers
and it will never be soothing again

I woke up to a jungle
with flowers in my hair

take me away back to home chores
won‘t pay the price for my own flaws
I‘m paying rent

I dare you to find out
what hiding is all about
wasting every chance
has lured me into your realm

It’s blaring:

03 sour
take these leaves, tuck myself in
it’s all good
I‘ll be waiting patiently
for you
to come home

glooming spin, a frequent block
it’s no good
a constant hunch that I debase
this shadeful pit

they quench their thirst in my eyes
seen it a thousand times
feigning death suppresses the urge
to regress
and all the things that have brought me here
but flicking moths won‘t change
that I stay out

for you
to come home

take these leaves, tuck myself in
there’s no good
I‘ll be waiting patiently
for you

drowsing makes the time dislimn
I’m giving in
knocking off the moss that sprouts
for you
to come home

04 grow

sweat drips down my spine
guess I‘m feeling fine
atrophy, festering
it is just a matter of time

honey on my lips
hive between the ribs
ripping out, gulping down
reeling through the swamp and smile

grow old in seconds
die for years
we‘re building houses
just to disappear

no low, no peril,
no such penance
will ever outweigh
the fear to

05 mtv

I can go out if I want to
I can stay inside all night
I will get drunk ‘cause I have to
so I can go to bed at five

‘cause mtv is telling me bullshit
and the cinema’s showing me bullshit too
and all my friends are doing bullshit online
and I‘m so bored

I can get high if I want to
I can try to get down anytime
I will get drunk in the morning
so I can go to bed at five

06 down
drifting loose in cold spheres
misery has filled this place with funk
hazy solitude
oblivious of all shades
cliffs that lack a surface
I closed my eyes in the close wood
I never understood
that the taunt’s pervading me

No change through motion
a static frame
so blur
and stalemate’s torching
this lucid dream
so clear

I won’t hunt you down
reversing roles

chasing wild cats
but golden Pumas stay untouched

07 Chicago
come out, prey upon me
shake it off, I’ll turn my back
come out, stealthing deity
ambuscade and tear apart

“sinking golden teeth
sweltering calor strains the skin
grafting golden slivers
culling out, the void begins”

It’s scarfing the insides
to lift it up
and it’s feasting on honey
to lift it up

solar revelation as stars collide
to lift it up
supernova-remnants fill my lungs
to lift it up

infected by your bit
and I compress my lips

The sun drops out of my mouth